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Going to a Gala Dinner in Budapest? Here’s our top tips!

Budapest is home to some of the most high-profile — and lucrative — fundraising dinners in the country, from the Robert Burns International Foundation "Burns Night Supper" to Csodalámpa/Magic Lamp wish granting charity, to the Irish Hungarian Business Circle's "St. Patrick's Day Gala Dinner" . The fundraising season is now in full swing and many gala-goers have their calendars packed with events.

Guests on the dance floor at the St. Patrick's Day Gala Dinner at the Budapest Hilton in 2019

Plan your trip wisely. Whether it’s Bolt, a regular taxi or carpooling, we recommend you plan ahead for transportation to and from the event. Weather can play a major factor in the timing of your transportation - and you don't want to miss the welcome cocktails. If you live nearby, you might even consider walking to your events. But if you do walk, don’t forget your good shoes! We know of an attendee that was forced to wear Crocs at a black-tie event after he forgot his other pair of shoes. “The show must go on,” he said...

Network. Network. Network. A gala might be your opportunity to rub shoulders with that member of government, future client, or local celebrity that you’ve been waiting to meet. “Research ahead of time who else will be attending so you can look for people you want to meet,” said Aniko Woods, Marketing and Operations Manager of the IHBC. We always recommend people seated in the back to find an appropriate time to come to the front and meet the "who’s who" at the party.

And remember, always walk into the room with a smile, said Sara Matolcsy, General Manager of the Etyeki Kúria Winery . “You want to look friendly, like someone to talk to,” she said. Charities encourage networking because that’s how future donors are made. “You’re not doing the organization any favours by staying in the corner”.

Melanie, with her friend Catherine, looking glam at a black tie gala this past season.

Other basic gala networking tips: Bring business cards, be mindful not to monopolize people’s time and always enter every conversation thinking about how you can help that person.

Don’t forget table manners. If you buy a table, fill it with engaging people. As a guest, introduce yourself to everyone at the table and thank the host before you sit down. But that is not the time to hand out business card - It’s better to wait until you are leaving.

Limit your alcohol. The gala might be hosting a room full of dignified guests but the alcohol tends to get the better of some. You don’t want to be the person at the party that you can’t have a conversation with.

Have a one-night-stand with a dress. Instead of buying a new dress for each event, join the sustainable fashion movement and borrow your outfit from MyCloset instead. Have the thrill of the new, the joy of getting dressed up – while ditching the environmental wrecking ball of fast fashion.

Clients wearing MyCloset at the St. Andrew's Gala Dinner this past December at the Marriott Hotel.

We care as much as ever, if not more, about how we look at parties, weddings and even those salary-sapping brunches. The clothes we wear might well be rethought as an expense associated with an event, rather than an investment. Sequinned dresses and dramatic gowns are the most-wanted pieces at MyCloset Budapest. File the rental expense alongside a blow dry, ombre nail art, or your ride taxi home.

Borrow our designer gowns starting from 10,000 - 30,000 HUF. A fraction of the cost of buying new and we do the dry cleaning!

It is gala season, after all. The time for for living in the moment, with no commitment and no baggage. Have a one-night-stand with a dress. The planet will love you for it! Send us a message and make your appointment today!


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