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Celebrating our First Birthday!

While it has been little over a year since Melanie coined the name 'MyCloset Budapest', the dream of running a dress rental business has been one she held close to her heart for years... Melanie wanted to help make all women feel beautiful for their special occasions - regardless of their budget.

Melanie at the Burns Supper 2020

Melanie grew up in New York City watching "Sex in the City" and falling in love with designer dresses. She believes that it can be challenging finding the perfect dress - especially in Budapest. Melanie has been changing that by building MyCloset Budapest - a dream closet filling with designer styles, everything you've always wanted to wear. MyCloset Budapest is about giving women the opportunity to wear labels and styles they have never worn before.

The reason she started the MyCloset Budapest business was simple: She had a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! Her friends had closets full of clothes and nothing to wear - she watched as we all repeatedly invested hundreds and hundreds of dollars into dresses that we were only ever going to wear once. Renting seemed like the obvious solution.

Renting is for women who value experiences over their wardrobes - and this doesn't mean they don't love clothes but they are financially intelligent enough to know the money they spend on dresses for special occasions could be better spent on their kids, their homes or even a holiday! And its MUCH better for the environment too ;)

A huge thank you to all our clients for their support over the past year! We couldn't have done it without you.


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