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Love fashion but can't justify blowing the budget again, or cramming another item in an overstuffed closet?
Rent, hire, borrow - don't buy. Own the look - not the dress.

Searching for the perfect special occasion dress in Budapest can be a nightmare. The crowded stores, the expensive items, and the lack of options can make us all run for that boring go-to dress we've been wearing for ages.  But what if you could look your best, stay on budget, and do what is right for the environment?  


There is some awareness of how wasteful fashion has become, but a lot of people still don’t know what to do. There are sustainable fashion brands, but they are often very expensive. It’s hard for a consumer. Borrowing dresses is a great way of being sustainable and not contributing to "fast-fashion".

MyCloset Budapest offers designer, high-end dress rentals, personal styling and a memorable shopping experience to ensure you'll walk into your next event feeling your absolute best.  Simply borrow, enjoy and return!

You don't have to settle for crowded stores or ever run into someone wearing the same dress as you again. Our large, bright 5th district boutique is the perfect place to start your own Cinderella story.  


Borrow the perfect luxury dress for your next special occasion and return it once you're done wearing it. We'll take care of the rest.

Why buy when you can borrow from MyCloset Budapest?


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